Heritage Plantation Kitchen Cabinets before modifications and glazing over existing stained finish
Heritage Plantation Kitchen Cabinets And Fireplace Surround In Adjoining Family Room
Kitchen Island before modifications, paint & glaze
Kitchen Island with columns & base molding, painted & glazed to contrast with surrounding cabinetry
#3 Kitchen - Cabinet above refrigerator modified to accomodate new refrigerator.  Original finish - dark mahogany stain
#3 Kitchen - lights install above cabinets, crown & cabinets painted pale brown with dark umber glaze
faux & beyond faux finishing studio
Cabinet Glazing Gallery
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>A dark glaze was applied over the existing stained finish after adding egg & dart accent molding around the top of all the cabinets, just below the crown molding. 
>The exposed hinges were replaced with hidden hinges.
>False drawers in front of sink were reinstalled with tip out trays.
>Columns & corbels were added to one end of the island.
>Wood shelves inside cabinets with glass doors were replaced with glass shelving.
>Light fixtures in and under these cabinets were updated.   
>Lighting was also installed above the cabinets.
>Custom base molding was installed around the bottom of all of the lower cabinets.
>Panel molding installed on the ends of each cabinet section.

Removed everything except the mantel frame across the top and started over.
>And glazed to match the kitchen cabinets.
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Kitchen Island Make-over

Columns installed on both ends of the island and custom base molding installed around the bottom, a little paint, a little glaze and the island now looks like a perfect piece of furniture for the kitchen.
Kitchen #3

Looks so much bigger now that the dark mahogany finish has been replace by the same color combination of paint and glaze as the island up above.

Three matching cabinet doors were ordered for the new refrigerator, painted & glazed to match the rest of the kitchen.

Cabinet above the refrigerator was removed, shortened and re-installed to accomodate the new (taller) refrigerator.
Bathroom #1 Painted & Glazed Bathroom #1 Painted and Glazed Kitchen # 4 lightly glazed Kitchen # 4 lightly glazed Kitchen #5 Black Distress Kitchen #5 Black Distress Bathroom # 3 Black Distress
Before Black Distress After Black Distress Outdoor Kitchen-multi-layered distress & glaze on hood; black distress on lower cabinets Outdoor Kitchen Outdoor kitchen cabinet close-ups
Before After Before After adding recessed panels, columns, muti-base molding and accent molding.  And of course, glaze. And even more glaze.
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Paint & Glaze Process
Having your kitchen cabinets painted and glazed is not as stressful as you may think.  After approving the estimate and selecting your color combination and technique  Lou Ann will schedule a start date for you.

On the start date Lou Ann will remove all of your cabinet doors and take them to her studio for painting a glazing.  A week later she will return and begin the process of preparing, priming, painting and glazing your cabinets.  Normally, by the end of the week your cabinets are finished and your doors and pulls are reinstalled.   You don't have to empty any cabinets or drawers, move appliances or even stop using your kitchen.

If you would like to add more memorable features to your kitchen, Lou Ann has installed colums, corbels, floor, crown and accent molding, hidden hinges and new hardware in a number of homes already.  If you can schedule an appointment with her before you change your counter tops, there is a good chance that you will be able to maximize the number of structural additions to your cabinets.

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