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1 of 3.  Faux wood graining on bead board ceiling. 2 of 3.  Antique glazed effect on crown and ceiling molding. 3 of 3.  Close-up view. 1 of 2.  Faux burl wood graining on panels 2 of 2. Faux oil rubbed bronze metal finish surrounding burl. 1 of 2. Faux Mahogany wood grain on table and chairs then glazed over with black to bring out ornate accents.
2 of 2.  Close-up view. Brush metal metallic finish Faux marble bordered by faux 3-D roping 1 of 3.  Faux limestone columns to match flagstone walkway below 2 of 3.  Close-up view 3 of 3. Close-up view. 1 of 3.  Faux marble circular staircase.
2 of 3. 3 of 3. Faux Rainforest green marble finish on columns Faux Dark Emperior marble finish on columns. Faux Sienna Marble Finish on table top. Faux Sienna Marble Finish on table top. 1 of 3.  Negative Stenciling treatment to multi-layered glazed surface of  room divider panels.
2 of 3. 3 of 3. Before wall treatment After wall treatment Before After Decorative Wall Finish
Lou Ann offers a wide range of Faux and Decorative finishes that can be applied to walls, doors, furniture, columns and other surfaces.  Below are photos of faux wood graining on ceilings, tables and doors, Faux metal marble, slate and decorative finishes such as negative stenciling over a 4 layer glaze, frontage techniques and more.

Lou Ann also offers color washing, leather, suede, granite, brick, striping, stenciing, crackling and more.

In the first three photos, exterior primed bead board on the ceilings where finished to look like wood, the surrounding molding was glazed to look old and weathered, the upper cabinet/hood of the outdoor kitchen was distressed, glazed and slightly crackled and the lower cabinets were distressed.  That's 4 different finishes in one area and it looks awesome.

The fourth and fifth photos show closet doors off of the master bathroom that were finished with a faux oil rubbed bronze metal and burl wood inserts.  Three different finishes were added to the walls and the cabinets distressed.  3 walls were done in a faux suede, 3 in a textured limestone and behind the double sinks- a raised all over stencil over a textured decaying venetian plaster.  Sounds crazy but it worked.