Fireplace surrounds and entertainment centers are permanent structures in your home and the main focal point of the rooms they are located in.  Changing the finish of either one will change the over-all appearence and mood of the entire room. If your surround looks more like and 'after thought' instead of focal point, Lou Ann can make a few structural modifications to correct that oversight.

Thinking of selling your home?  'Attention to detail' of the permenant structures in your home can increase the value of your home and make your home more memorable to potential buyers.

Please click on any of thumbnails below to see what Lou Ann has done for other homes in the area.
1 of 2. Fireplace with shelving a cabinetry on both sides
2 of 2.  walls painted in a lighter shade than cabinets & surround, which were glazed with black
1 of 5.  Surround & center are painted with a pale brown paint
2 of 5.  A dark umber glaze was generously applied
3 of 5 Entertainment center -  before
4 of 5. Bead board was stained and installed behind the shelves of  each  section of the entertainment cernter.
5 of 5.  The stained bead board and new finish created 'the look of furniture' the client wanted.
1 of 3.  Stained Surround - Before modifications & glazing.
2 of 3.  Finished after replacing everything except  the mantel frame.
3 of 3.  All materials used to rebuild the mantel, columns & corbels were made of oak in order to match the stained oak cabinets in the adjoining room.
1 of 5.  Staircase, surround & kitchen cabinets were all redone in a black distress.
2 of 5.  Close-up view of staircase railings
3 of 5.  Before modifications and black distress finish.  Crown molding around the top replaced with crown molding replace on kitchen cabinets.  Single panel mantel rebuilt to 3 panel.  Fluted columns replaced with a more traditional style.
4 of 5.  Homeowners replaced the tile around the fireplace opening.
5 of 5.  Close up view of new surround.
1 of 3.  Before picture of an ornate surround.
2 of 3.  After photo of black distress finish
3 of 3.  Close-up view.
1 of 2.  Before picture of detailed surround.
2 0f 2.  After antique white and dark umber glaze applied.
1 of 2. Lou Ann built this surround over an existing brick fireplace surround and then painted and glazed it.
2 of 2.  Cloe up view.
Painted and glazed to match cabinets in adjoining kitchen area after a few minor modifications were made.
Cast Stone Surround was 1st painted with a shade of green, then glazed repeatedly with a black glaze.  An antique black finish was the end result.
Painted & Glazed
Surround lightly glazed matching wall color.
1 of 3. Before picture of GAA GAA Coffered Ceiling.  Could they be even more attractive?
2 of 3. Yes they can.  The room appears larger or more open.
3 of 3.  Close-up view.
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