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Textured Finishes Gallery
1 of 4.  Decaying Venetian Plaster with water damage accents. 2 of 4. 3 of 4. Color washed ceiling. 4 of 4. 1 of 3.  Decaying Venetian Plaster finish is 1 of 5 different finishes applied in this bathroom. 2 of 3.
3 of 3. carmel colored texture finish Lou Ann intalled this 'built in' head board in the Guest bedroom using 3 different type of crown molding, heavily glazed to frame in around a heavily textured crumbling venetian plaster.  A raised 'wall to wall' stencil was applied over the textured surface Faux 3 dimensional brick back splash. Raised grapevine stencil over a textured Venetain Plaster finish. 1 of 2.  Textured Tuscany style finish.
2 of 2.  Faux brick arched doorsay. 1 of 3.  An 'all over' stencil  was applied with Venetain Plaster over a heavily textured decaying Venetian Plaster finish 2 of 3.  Close-up view. 3  of 3.  The entire surface was glazed with a smokey purple glaze. Another decaying Venetian Plaster finish over these archways. 1 of 2. Before
2 of 2.  Wine cellar door was painted and glazed to match faux 3-D columns and wall.  Crown and Base molding  was incorporated into the crown and base of each column. Before After 1 of 3.  Faux tile and blocked window backsplash. 2 of 3. Faux arched window with raised stenciled flowers 3 of 3.  Raised stencil design on tiles and faux raised roped boarder.
Faux brick back splash & window. 1 of 2. Before faux backsplash. 2  of 2.  After faux brick backsplash. 1 of 2.  An 'all over' raised stencil was applied using a texture medium over a heavily textured finish. 2 of 2.  All other walls were completed with a heavy textured finish. 1 of 3.  Textured kitchen & eating area walls with random raised grapevine stencil and faux windows.
2 of 3. 3 of 3. Painted by previous owner, the paint could not be removed without damaging the sandstone surface.  Lou Ann painted and glazed each stone to match it's original finish. Textured over existing mantel. Close-up view of decaying Venetian Plaster. Textured bathroom walls with faux decorative tiled chair rail.
Faux 3-D stone walls.
Love that texture.  Thinking outside the box can be contagious and the rewards, remarkable.  Lou Ann's own decaying textured venetian plaster is in homes all over north Alabama.  And for those more demanding clients, a raised stencil over that is a must.

The first four photos below are done with Lou Ann's decaying plaster, glazed and faux water damage was added to help with the illusion of old and decaying.  The color washed ceiling was also included in the water damage effect.

Faux tile, brick, stone and more are also available and come in handy when an area may not be stable enough for the wieght of the real thing.