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Cabinet Glazing, Decorative Finishes, Plaster Finishes & Faux Finishes
Shopping for a faux finish?
Owner, Lou Ann Lanier has been providing clients of the North Alabama area with a wide range of custom finishes and related services since 1993.

Lou Ann's work has been featured in the Parade of Homes, Madison Living Magazine, Valley Living Magazine, The Huntsville Times and Madison Spirit.  She has also been interviewed by local television stations and Natiional Public Radio.  Lou Ann's home has been included in the Madison Historical Tour of Homes twice.  Her work was also included in Gary Lord's latest book, 'Simply Creative Faux Finishes with Gary Lord'.
Cabinet & Furniture Glazing

Classic, distinctive, unique or 'off the charts' Gaa Gaa, the level of timeless style and character is
up to you.

Referred to as a 'fad' many, many years ago, Cabinet Glazing has graduated to a 'high end finish'.  Techniques used for Cabinet Glazing have been used to 'Antique' furniture for decades.  The popularity and uses of these techniques continue to grow and expand.

In addition to painting and glazing your cabinets, Lou Ann can change your pulls, upgrade your hinges
from exposed to hidden, add accent molding and add or replace the crown molding on top of your cabinets.  She has also installed custom base molding, columns and corbels for clients, to create more of a 'furniture' look in their kitchens and bathrooms.  (An appointment with Lou Ann before replacing your counter tops could increase your options for corbels, columns and other additions), 
Check out the photos in the Cabinet Glazing Gallery!
Ornate Panel Molding Glazing, Design & Installation

Add major bling to a ceiling, walls, doors or above a doorway with a combination of panel molding, ornate molding and appliques'. Looks great painted and glazed or monochromatic.  

Lou Ann can recreate a design from a photo you have or start with a blank sheet of paper and create a custom design, provide CAD drawings, paint, glaze and install it for you.
Before you decide on wainscot molding take a look at so many more options available.
Check out the photos in the Ornate Panel Molding Gallery.
Fireplace Surround Dilemmas
Painting and glazing your surround can change the mood of the entire room.  If your surround looks more like an after-thought than a fireplace, a little re-designing & remodeling can be included in your paint and glaze solution. 
Faux Finishing Studio
Shopping for a Faux Finish?

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Faux & Decorative Finishes
Faux wood graining, marble, suede, leather, patina's, limestone & brushed metal finishes, decorative finishes such as color washes, ragging off, smooshing, stenciling, negative stenciling, striping & stippling are just a few of the finishes available through faux and beyond.

Textured Finishes
Smooth, textured or Lou Ann's version of crumbling decayed Venetian Plaster.  Recreate a stone or rock wall or fireplace surround, a brick or slate accent wall. 
Use a combination of a decaying Venetian Plaster under a raised all-over stencil application for the ultimate antique wall finish.  And more...
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