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What we offer

Warmth, Personality, Timeless
Fall in love with your home all over again

Practical and affordable options catered to suit your taste and reflect your sense of style. Old World, classic, timeless, antique, rustic or defiant, the possibilities are endless for every Interior and exterior surface of your home or business.

To techniques include, but not limited to:

    • Cabinet and furniture glazing **
    • Wood graining (variety)
    • Slate
    • Granite
    • Leather
    • Suede
    • Frontage
    • Brushed and twisted metals
    • Color washing
    • Tissue paper textures for walls and ceilings
    • Venetian plasters
    • Decaying plasters
    • Texture faux brick, stone and tile
    • Negative and raised stenciling
    • Glazing
    • Crackling
    • Rubbing back

**includes kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fireplace surrounds, entertainment centers, crown, accent and panel molding, ornate architectural wall panels and other embellishments.  Apply just enough glaze to make the details ‘pop’, a lot of glaze for an antique finish or a combination of glaze, crackling and distressing for a one of a kind accent piece, fireplace or kitchen island.  It’s up to you.

In addition to painting a glazing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, Lou Ann can add or replace the cabinet crown molding, add accent and custom base molding, corbels and columns and upgrade exposed hinges to hidden hinges.  She has also built and installed kitchen islands and repurposed lower cabinets into drawers for clients.  Schedule an appointment with Lou Ann before you order your new countertops and see if you can expand your cabinet options.

Services include complete faux, textured and decorative surface painting and applications.

  • cabinet and furniture glazing north al
    Cabinet & Furniture Glazing

    finishes and techniques for cabinetry, furniture, fireplace surrounds, staircases, doors and moldings include detail and accent glazing, distressing or rubbing back and accent or all over crackling, over a painted or stained surface.

    in addition to painting and finishing Lou Ann has completed the following for her clients.

    · Add or replace crown molding, add accent molding, custom base molding, corbels and columns to existing cabinets.

    · Upgrade exposed hinges to hidden hinges.

    · Replace existing cabinet doors with new doors

    · Design, build and install kitchen cabinet islands.

    · Replace cabinet doors with drawers for microwaves or storage. Follow the cabinet & furniture glazing, before & after and fireplace surrounds links to see more

    image: lou Ann installed columns, custom base molding, dental crown molding and recessed panels to this island before painting and glazing this island focal point of the kitchen.

  • textured surfances, venetian plaster, luster stone, and more!
    Textured Surfaces

    venetian plaster, Luster Stone, raised stenciling & tissue paper textures are a few of the more popular textured finishes for ceilings & walls.

    Old World, decaying plasters and dimensional brick, stone, and slate finishes can be created with a combination of Troweling, skip troweling, stippling and knockdown techniques.

    Image: raised all-over stencil over decaying textured venetian plaster

  • decorative and faux painted surfances in southern tennessee
    Decorative & Faux Painted Surfaces

    Faux wood grains, marble or brushed metal finishes for furniture and accent pieces.

    Faux leather or suede finishes and color washing, frontage, stippling, pebbling, weaves and bagging techniques for your walls and ceilings will create depth and warmth and a complimentary backdrop for your furnishings.

    Image: Faux Mahogany woodgrained table & chairs with a detail & accent glaze.

Lou Ann for an appointment today.